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Building Modern Networks

Building A Modern LAN

lanIt became interesting in the world of local networks. New applications suggest new cable standards. To be verified they need a reliable test equipment. Acquiring tester, you will see that it not only meets current specifications, but will also be helpful in the development of technologies for local area networks. This will protect you and your investment. Network market gaining strength for another quantum leap and reach record speeds. Cause of the resultant commotion is 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) over copper (10GBaseT / IEEE 802.3an). With ten times faster than its predecessor, this app gives extremely heavy demands on cable technology and test equipment. At the same time further develop and had the existing Class F / Category 7, ie network band operating frequencies up to 600 MHz, which is capable of transmitting data streams at 10 Gigabit Ethernet without the slightest problems. The new Class FA is extended to 1000 MHz, to keep the network operating in the expanding multimedia world. These developments pose a number of questions to the manufacturers of test equipment. Adapted Are these devices to support new bands? Enough higher the level of accuracy? Do I need to pay attention to the new parameters? This article is an attempt to answer a number of similar issues.

Back to the “drawing board”
Major players in the market of cable systems LANs do not have time to stop and rest. After all fighting for Class E / Category 6, which ended in 2002 with the adoption of the new version TIE / EIA 568 and ISO / IEC 11801 (and subsequent adaptation EN 50 173), the entrance knocking the new applications that require even more bandwidth provided by the standard. In other words, all stakeholders are forced to return back to the “drawing board” to seek to achieve the needs of the new series applications. For example, manufacturers of cable systems must undergo tests of its components, to optimize them or develop them again. Similar adjustments are required and suppliers of test equipment used to measure the necessary parameters.

New applications
What are these new services, causing such a chain reaction? In the world of office communications it comes to transmission of 10GbE to work in copper cable. In the future, this technology will be provided by the new standard throughput bandwidth of 500 MHz through a network with RJ-45 connectors. Boom will be in SOHO world, ie market networks for small and home offices, where more and more systems will be equipped with nets with high throughput and will penetrate convergence aloud, data and video. “Triple package” is another fashionable word in the field of telecommunications. As a result, the cable with a twisted pair began to be considered as an alternative to traditional coaxial cabling, although when it does not use RJ-45 connectors with a much wider band to 1000 MHz.

lan_cab2No doubt in the preparation of the multimedia future has been no small progress. In office and industrial environment specialists working diligently over mistakes: with twisted pair cables are re specified and classified according to their type; RJ-45 connectors adapt to 10GbE, and assembly specialists describe proper shielding and grounding of power and low voltage installation. Unshielded world is busy with “expulsion of aliens” from their channels, which requires release of cables for data transmission, which is generally impossible to be laid too close to each other. This is achieved either by giving them an oval shape, or by increasing the diameter by using a thicker outer shell. In the cables themselves patch panels are placed not so tightly or connectors on each port is placed in the shield increasing the distance and minimized probability of harmful interference. And while installers already know everything about shielding, re-training them can be reduced to a single phrase: “From Chaos was derived universe.” This is only a recommendation cables to be laid not too close to each other, but to put free to increase the distance between them. After all, in an unshielded world open spaces are a good place to combat “foreign influences.”